Nepal’s Spiritual Stronghold: The Legacy of Courage & Compassion

Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayan peaks, Nepal is a unique sanctuary of Hinduism and spirituality. In a heartwarming exchange that occurred in a room conversation in the holy land of Vrindavan on August 10, 1977 between Srila Prabhupada and his disciple Prabhavishnu, the vision for a spiritual stronghold in Nepal was born. This vision encapsulates not only an Englishman’s courage but also a Bengali mother’s heart, symbolizing the harmonious blend of strength and compassion.

Srila Prabhupada, recognizing the rich spiritual heritage of Nepal, urged his followers to serve Nepal by preserving the unique spiritual presence in this sacred land. Nepal, the last Hindu kingdom, carries a big responsibility not to let the Vedic wisdom be replaced by so called modern advancement. The mission was simple: to preserve a stronghold of Krishna consciousness in Nepal. Srila Prabhupada in this one conversation uses the word “Stronghold” thrice and also mentions, “to establish the empire of consciousness”. These two words, “Stronghold of Nepal” and “Empire of Consciousness” carry very deep significance and have a profound meaning.
To materialize this vision, Prabhavishnu Maharaja along with Mahavishnu Maharaja and a team of devoted individuals came to Nepal to serve Mother Nepal and the Nepalese people. Jayapataka Maharaja is the GBC zonal secretary for Nepal currently. He has been the source of inspiration & active personality for making Stronghold of Krishna consciousness. Bhakti Purushottam maharaja is co-zonal secretary for Nepal. Mahavishnu Maharaja who is regional secretary for Nepal is actively supported by co-regional secretary Patri prabhu. Nepal preaching has been revolutionized under the leadership of Patri prabhu in last two decades.
ISKCON Nepal has been expanded to more than 60 temples & centers, having thousands active members. Dozens of ISKCON Nepal affiliates such as Food for Life Nepal, Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Bhaktivedanta Pathshala & Gurukul, Govinda’s Restaurant, Spiritual sky etc. are helping Nepal to be nourished socially & spiritually. ISKCON Nepal requests every individual to cooperate and help to achieve this and make Nepal a truly spiritually conscious Nation because higher the consciousness of citizens lesser the problems of quarrel and hypocrisy.